Sailventure Day Five on Elysium

Captain's Log:

Moved over one creek nearer to Point Lookout.  That's it. No passage.  Just a "fun day."  Found a great place to tie up - the Corinthian Yacht Club.  Showers * Pool * Nice people.  We dinghied around so Anne could get some great photos.  Tomorrow, on the other hand, we hope to go out the C Bay and begin moving north.  Strong winds nothing unusual for this trip!!

Ship Photographer's Log:

Had a fun foto day!  Once we arrived in Jutland Creek and got settled in at the Corinthian Yacht Club, we headed off in the dinghy to buzz around and explore the creek!  To our surprise and excitement, we came upon yet another beautiful wooden sailboat, Rainbow.  Many, many herring sightings and a plethora a working boats to behold.  Please pay close attention to the image of what appears to be a "stick" in the water -- that would be our dinghy paddle that got stuck in the muck!!!  Don't worry we had a successful man overboard drill and am glad to say that it made it safely back into the hands of the Dinghy Captain.