The First Sailventure Cruise on Elysium

It's official! We are off and sailing! 

Captain's Log:

6/18/17:  Happy Father's Day!  Annapolis to Herring Bay 24 knot SW headwinds all the way in our face, 3 foot waves.  We made 18 miles in 6 hours.  Sail motoring with 1/4 jib.  Found a great anchorage between the bluff and beach.  A nice Cabernet and Anne's gumbo - Captain's happy.  We will try for Solomon's Island tomorrow (36 nm) with the same challenging conditions.

Ship Photographer's Log:

Well attempting to take photos while going up and down three foot waves today, to say the least, was a wee bit challenging!  The day was actually beautiful and fortunately the predicted the storms kept their distance but brought quite strong winds!  We saw only a few sails boats with full sails and you can see the result!  Most boats did quite well just flying their jib!  Norm was completely on top of checking what was coming our way in terms of weather!!  Heading south, we passed my favorite light house on the Bay, Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse!  I can never get enough shots of this iconic site!  Hopefully on the way home the wind will be a little more cooperative - but still am thrilled with what I captured!  We made our anchorage around 4:30 and tucked ourselves into a wonderful little area - where the locals where cooling off the kids on the "BIG" chair.!

Thanks for reading - stayed tuned to see where we end up tomorrow!! Hope you enjoy the images.