Vacation Photo Tips

Summer is around the corner and that means time for vacations. Mobile devices have made capturing your vacation moments and sharing them on social media a breeze. Below are some tips to help you with capturing those perfect photos on vacation. 

1. Pre Vacation. The vacation is going to be great, but the excitement surrounding the build up to leaving on vacation is just as fun. I know that kids are always overly excited about what they are looking forward to. What a great way to show and remember the build up and lead in to your vacation.

2. Don't be a bore. Look for creative ways to take different angles and shots. Don't just have your family stand in front of the ocean, but try some great angles and clever ways to capture it. Play with colors and poses too. Look for items or props that are on site that you can use. 

3. The Sun is Your Friend. Most vacation photos we are not going to worry too much about if the lighting is just right. Even when the light is not optimal get creative and capture the shot. When you need to, try using your flash. 

4. Look for shade. Look for nice even lighting where something is blocking the sun. The sun could be a building, a tree, a car, an overhang, etc. put your family in front of trees that block the light.  If you look at the ground by their feet you can see very few bright spots and none of the bright spots are on their bodies. The point is to try to find a place that diffuses the light if it's too bright. 

5. Don't Stand Still. Repositioning where you are standing in reference to your subject may just be the answer to the perfect shot. Move around and create different perspectives when shooting. 

6. Natural. Don't always tell your subjects to "look here" and "stay put, let me get your photo". Instead let it be natural. Capture the photos and those shots when they are not looking. These can actually be some of the best photos from your entire vacation. Those natural shots. 

7. What seems irrelevant can be fun. We've all had those amazing meals or shared those moments at the breakfast table at the local diner. These can be some amazing family memories you should not forget to capture. I have shared some great laughs at photos I have shot during the not so relevant times on vacation. 

9. Now What?  Don't forget real time! Upload some of the best of the best relevant photos on your Instagram or other social media platforms.When you return home create albums on your social media platforms where you can upload all the photos and share with friends and family.  Don't forget to print those photos that you can give as gifts or frame for your desk or living room. You would be surprised at the great photos you can capture on your phone during your vacation!