My 5 Favorite Things About Being A Newborn Photographer

My 5 favorite things about being a newborn photographer

  1. I am a mom myself to two beautiful daughters . There is really no need to explain here, I love my job as a mother and my love for babies. The one thing I wish I did more of when they were small was capture more photos. The ones I do have, still to this day, cover the walls in my home. A smile always appears when I stop and soak up those images and "remember when" .
  2. I love meeting and talking to new moms and dads about their sweet little bundle(s). Seeing the joy and love being shared by parents with their new baby is something that is so exciting for me.  Getting to be present within the first few days after birth is something I truly cherish and take pride in.
  3. I love helping new moms and dads with questions or giving tips/ideas that have worked well for me. I also love hearing how things have changed so much with technology and gadgets that are available now from when I was a new mom. 
  4. I Love seeing the reaction on parents faces when they see how adorable their little darling looks in the images. Taking those first few shots and showing parents how I am able to capture the peace and tranquility of their newborn is something that will never grow old for me.  The reactions I receive are so important to me as I show parents my art. Having their newborns as my muses is incredibly rewarding. 
  5. I get to snuggle babies for a few hours and get my baby fix! That alone should sum it up. How lucky am I? I get commissioned to work with the most precious subjects around.