Getting Personal And What It Means To Me

Imagine if you could help others preserve memories that last a lifetime with the simple click of a button?  Well, that’s what I am fortunate enough to do and I am blessed to be able to pursue my dream of becoming a professional photographer.

Originally from Pittsburgh, PA, I moved to Harrisburg, PA twenty-seven years ago to marry the love of my life, Norman Kennard.  We have been married for twenty-five years and have two fabulous red-headed daughters, Lauren & Sara.  We are known for being a very close-knit family with fantastically funny family experiences.  It is not uncommon for us to hear our friends indicating they would like to be a fly on the wall – just to catch a glimpse of the wonderful wackiness of our family.  Norm has practiced privately as a public utility lawyer for over thirty years and is now working within the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission.  Although some would describe him as a serious, quiet and reserved man, he possess an unbelievably quick sense of humor that will make anyone’s cheeks hurt from laughter. 

Our oldest daughter, Lauren, graduated from the Pastry Chef program at Harrisburg Area Community College and is currently rounding out her education with a degree in Accounting from Shippensburg University.  Her dream is to own and operate a unique coffee/bakery shop possibly in Annapolis, MD.  Our youngest, Sara, is employed with Drayer Physical Therapy.  Since high school, she has possessed an unsurpassed sensitivity with respect to caregiving, as well as having impressive knowledge in creating and maintaining healthy lifestyles.  Her future aspirations are to be certified as a Yoga instructor as well as a personal trainer.

When I am not behind my camera, there are two places you can find me.  Either I am running or on a sailboat.  I have been an avid running for the past six years and have competed in 10 half-marathons, as well as some minor races.  Although running isn’t for everyone, it actually is a stress reliever and a creative outlet for me.   I can shut out the noise of the day and let in the creative process which result in fantastic ideas for sessions.  The other favorite place for me to be is sailing with my family.   Tremendous family memories have been captured on our sailboat, which is currently located in Annapolis.  

For the past five years, I have been a professional photographer in the Harrisburg, PA area.  My love of photography resulted from being a painter and needing to learn how to operate my camera better in order to take better reference images for future paintings.  What I found is that photography paired with my artistic eye allowed me to branch out into a new genre that I could share with everyone.  Photography is art. I am an artist; it was a natural fit.

I have been attending Harrisburg Area Community College’s photography degree program and will be receiving my degree shortly.  Having a formal education in this field in my opinion, I feel is crucial in creating a sound career within the photography world.  I have also additional knowledge and experience while working with Peter Hurley, a New York based headshot photographer, learning the art of the headshot – and there is a definite art to capturing the perfect headshot.   Learning how to bring out the personality of a model/client was solidified while participating in a life-defining workshop with the late Mary Ellen Mark.  Notorious for her photo journalistic images as a street photographer, as well as being a highly sought after film set photographer, it was her instruction that resounds in my photography still.  She taught me that it is one thing to take a beautiful picture but it is another to really capture the inner beauty of your subject through personally connecting with the people I was photographing.    

I am continually growing with every click of the shutter and am currently honing my skills with creating photography pieces that are painterly in nature.  I am more than thrilled to now literally be able to combine both of my artistic talents.  My clients are thrilled to have this unique piece of art to hang as well as a great conversation piece in their homes.

There are so many things about photography that bring me total joy.  Having a trained artistic eye, I know that every session will be filled with a unique and personalized experience.  I love knowing that the images I create for clients will become lasting and cherished memories.  Most importantly, I love taking away the uneasiness people have when in front of a camera and hearing clients say at the end of a session what a fantastic time they had.  How many people can say they finally figured out what they want to be when they grow up!