Why Seniors Portraits are a Big Deal

Still on the fence about if you should get your Senior Portraits Done? Below find a few good reasons why you shouldn’t wait.

1. Senior Portraits date back to the 1920s, yep, can you believe that. What better reason than just for the tradition of it. I’m sure your parents had them, keep up with the age old tradition and make your parents/family happy. 

2. If you’re using your Senior Portrait for your yearbook, well I said it. It’s for your yearbook. That thing is going be around for a long time. Pulled out at different moments in life to be shown to all. Make sure that photo is timeless.

3. The photos can be used for many things. They don’t have to be used just for the yearbook or for your family to get all emotional and proud. Use these photos to start your career as a young adult by using them on your social media platforms like LinkedIn. A lot of time photos are needed for all different things in college and in your adult life. Having a great photo or headshot is a must. 

4. An opportunity to dress it up. Most of the time you’ve probably only been able to show off your best gear, hair and makeup for weddings and big affairs. Use this as a day to pamper yourself and get out your best and show your best. Get pampered for the day or prior to the day of the shoot. Hair, nails etc. 

5. I hate to say this, but everyone is doing it. Yep, most graduates have a senior photo or senior portrait session to some extent. Make yours stand out. Find a creative photographer that will help you capture exactly what it is you want to showcase. Put your best foot forward and come up with a plan and strategy about what you want to show the world. This could be a first impression. 

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